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Smell Dating Will Help You Find A Partner With Your Dirty Laundry

Smelling this guy's shirt could lead you to love...

Smelling this guy's shirt could lead you to love...

The dating landscape has changed vastly in the last decade.  We’ve gone from romancing our neighbors to simply swiping left or right.  It seems that, daily, there’s a new dating app release promising to help you find your soulmate.  Honestly speaking, the dating app market is a bit saturated.  Smell Dating is on a quest to change that and change your approach to love completely.

So what the hell is Smell Dating? It’s kind of like a taste test but with human scent.  Yes, that does sound a little gross.  And weird.  But there’s more to the story.  Participants are sent a t-shirt that they must wear for three days and nights without deodorant or perfume. I guess the gym is out of the picture during this period unless sweaty pits are the scent they’re going for.  After the three-day period is over, you mail the shirt back and you’re sent swatches of t-shirts from other Smell Daters.  You smell the samples, identify who you like, and if there’s a match, you get to exchange contact info.

Smelling a t-shirt seems much stranger than thumbing through hundreds of thumbnails or actually talking to people.  But Smell Dating’s website claims that this chemical approach to dating chooses intercourse over interface.  It’s all about human connection from afar with actual human properties.

The first round of Smell Daters are currently sniffing their way to romance.  So only time will tell if this is a viable way of landing in a relationship or not. 

It’s developments like these that make me glad I’m no longer single.  Smelling some random dude’s sweaty t-shirt is supposed to be an acceptable means of meeting that special someone? I get all the ballyhoo about pheromones, but this one seems like a stretch.  I’m not sure I know anyone who would actually do this.  But then again, if we were all willing to brave the digital dating world with all its unwanted dick pics and superficial judgment, maybe sticking someone else’s shirt in your face isn’t such a bad idea.

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