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So What If Justin Theroux Wears Eyeliner?

So What If Justin Theroux Wears Eyeliner?

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Justin Theroux is one of those celebrity men that sparks a fire in the groin of both men and women alike.  But despite his seemingly universal attraction, killer fashion sense, and recent marriage to People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman In The World, the gossip rags can’t stop emasculating him.

In what they’re referring to as an article from April 28, Page Six posted approximately a hundred words about a source confirming that Theroux wears eyeliner.  And that he’s particular about how his red carpet looks show off his frame.  And that he likes to wear shoes that give him as much height as possible.  The piece was about how high-maintenance he is.  But the headline was all about the eyeliner.

The next day, Page Six posted a 20-picture gallery of Theroux as a fun game: Is he or isn’t he wearing eyeliner? Hmmm….

Page Six is clearly attempting to emasculate him.  I get that gossip columns and magazines will always latch onto any type of juicy tidbit they can find. And then blow that up into something much more dramatic than it really is.  But I’m not particularly a fan of these types of stories.  Because without outright stating it, the implication is that a straight man has adopted very feminine grooming habits.  The implication is that he’s effeminate or even a little gay because of this.  Page Six feels the need to sink their teeth into this in case some other news comes about afterward.  Like a divorce that could be caused by Theroux’s lady-like habits. Or his latent homosexuality.

What this really is: a kind of hollow exposé with no purpose other than to embarrass him. This is worse than the coming out story.  I don’t get why, in 2016 and in an industry where effeminate men rule the world, people still expect all men to behave like cavemen.

For the record, guyliner has been a staple of emo kids since I was in high school.  So the fact that Theroux wears it is actually kind of cool.  It’s a nod to the kids who used to listen to My Chemical Romance and Coheed and Cambria.  Since 2013, the male makeup market has been booming sparking coverage from major news outlets like Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, and NBC.

And for the record, Bustle was the first to break this ‘story’ back in August of 2014. 

If anything, all Page Six has done is help boost the sales of eyeliner across the nation.  Every man with a beat face is desperately shaking down his celebrity contacts to get his hand on Theroux’s preferred brand of liner.

So what if Zoolander 2 was kind of a bomb? He’s still got The Leftovers.  And his smoking hot wife who reportedly digs the eyeliner thing. And so do I. Stop using prejudice and stereotypes to knock him down a peg.  Real men, celebrity or civilian, come in all shapes, sizes, and makeup shades.  Let’s find something new to talk about, shall we?

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