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5 Things You Missed Last Week-5.8.16

After only four months, 2016 has proven to be one of the most productive pop culture years in recent memory.  And the last week has surely been a top highlight from Drake's platinum certification for Views to James Blake's surprise album release to the envelope-pushing fashion at The Met Gala to the Biebs' Purpose Tour Pop Up Store.  The stars have been busy, and their fans (like me) have been even busier trying to keep up.  But in light of all the celebrity events competing for your semi-divided attention, there may have been a few little nuggets that you unintentionally skipped over.  Here's the skinny on the biggest stories you may have missed.

1. Zayn Steals The Met Gala Spotlight

While the ladies like Solange, Claire Danes, and Emma Watson wowed with creative, sexy, and innovative pieces, the guys mostly played it safe (here’s looking at you Idris Elba).  But it was one former One Direction member that donned a set of robotic arms and became the best dressed man of the night. 

2. Crop Tops For Men Are Not A Thing

Ezekiel Elliott may have braved the NFL Draft red carpet in one.  Buzzfeed may have officially endorsed them.  But in case you were considering joining the club, don’t.  Crop tops aren’t for you-or anyone else.

3. Lauryn Hill’s Legacy Dragged Through The Mud Over Late Concert Arrival

Ms. Lauryn Hill arrived more than two hours late to a concert in Atlanta.  And then had her mics cut after 40 minutes.  Her fans were irate, and rightfully so, but does her present day diva behavior make her past achievements less honorary?

4. Don’t Be The Kanye Of The 3 Train

I watched a young-ish, crazy-ish man practically clobber an elderly man for a seat on the train.  When did it become acceptable to act like such a dick during the evening commute?

5. Never Forget-A Look Back At Sisqo’s “The Thong Song”

“The Thong Song” was the stuff that one-hit wonders were made of.  Luckily, Sisqo was already famous.  But that didn’t stop him from fading into novelty oblivion.  This is a look back at the most mainstream ode to ladies’ undergarments to date.

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Lauryn Hill’s Legacy Dragged Through The Mud Over Late Concert Arrival

Lauryn Hill’s Legacy Dragged Through The Mud Over Late Concert Arrival