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Alfa Magazine Is The Modern Gentleman’s Playbook (Sponsored Content)

Alfa Magazine Is The Modern Gentleman’s Playbook (Sponsored Content)

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For the last year, there have been whispers of trouble in the world of men’s magazines.  When Details folded in November, those whispers turned to rumors.  But it turns out the rumors were just that…rumors.  With the introduction of Alfa Magazine, it turns out that men’s publishing is set for a major revival.  And Alfa is flipping the men’s mag formula upside down.

Alfa Magazine was born out of a desire to create a more useful magazine.  The team behind the new publication wanted to remove the clutter found in most periodicals and whittle the info down to articles that readers could actually use.  There’s no page fillers here.  Every article, every piece of information is something the reader can apply to his everyday life.  Along the way, he’ll be inspired and entertained.

The mag also provides a safe space for men who still value the art of being a true gentleman.  “While some may just accept that the tradition has passed, we believe that we can set a standard and help the renaissance of the modern-day gentlemen,” reads its official Kickstarter page.

Billed as The Modern Gentlemen’s Playbook, Alfa seeks not only to create its own rules in terms of content but also with funding.  Instead of leaning on the bureaucracy of the major publishers, the magazine is turning to its prospective readers for help.

The Kickstarter campaign still has 27 days to go but already has in 20% of its goal.  With the help of campaign backers, Alfa will transition its first issue from digital-only to a luxurious print edition.  On their immediate agenda is a print run of 1500 copies that will hit a newsstand near you. 

The beautifully designed publication is so much more than a typical consumer rag.  Alfa’s content rivals that of the world’s top newspapers; its design is as meticulous, modern, and sleek as your favorite coffee table book.  This is a magazine filled with useful content that’s also aesthetically impressive.

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Alfa’s team of creatives hopes to bring that gorgeous aesthetic to a phone or tablet near you.  If the Kickstarter reaches its stretch goal of £4,000, the group will push forward with the launch of its digital app.  Readers would then have three key ways to access content-directly on the website, on the app, and on newsstands.

Not only is Alfa poised to challenge the content, structure, and funding of classic men’s mags but it’s also set to positively alter the consumption experience as well.

Issue one features a wide range of articles from dissecting the most popular watches on the market to diving into Zac Efron’s killer health routine to the best late-night eats from all over the world.  There’s even an inspiring sit-down with Jermaine Binns, founder of the rising jewelry brand Kreshendo.

For the naysayers who think the men’s magazine industry is down and out, think again.  Publications like Alfa prove the market is still wide open if you shift and elevate the message.

Support the Kickstarter here, and get familiar with the magazine at: http://alfa-magazine.co.uk.

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