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Cornaments Are the Perfect Option for Holiday Gift Exchanges

Cornaments Are the Perfect Option for Holiday Gift Exchanges

Cornaments product assortment

We’re less than two weeks out from Christmas, and the countdown is on for all the procrastinators who are still shopping for their friends, loved ones, and that dreaded white elephant gift exchange at the office.  Though you intend to find original, thoughtful, and affordable gifts for everyone, you’re running out of time.  And surely, you’ll end up mass distributing socks, portable chargers, and pre-assembled gift baskets.  Well, fear not.  Cornaments has you covered.

Offered exclusively on Amazon, Cornaments offers a wide range of food-themed Christmas tree ornaments and chain pulls.  Choose from incredibly detailed replicas of everything from asparagus and broccoli to eggplant and bell pepper.  These gift options are unique, combining the right amount of creativity and kitsch.

A closer look at Cornaments’ products reveals the level of detail and attention paid to each piece.  The ornaments are hand painted and so realistically sculpted you could mistake them for the actual vegetables.  The chain pulls come complete with 3 feet of ceiling fan chain, which can be customized to your desired length.

Each ornament is priced at $12.70 and each chain pull is $14.82.  Considering most gift exchange limits fall in the $25 range, Cornaments are the perfect fit.  Better yet, you’re supporting a small business.  What better way to knock out your Christmas list than to shop small and score something that no one else will have?!

Cornaments are great for those who love gardening, as each piece builds upon their green thumb.  But these ornaments, chain pulls, and knickknacks can also serve as a daily reminder to eat more veggies.  Who needs an app or a nutritionist when you can just hang the reminders on your tree or around your home? 

Even beyond Christmas, you can remove the hooks from the ornaments and store them as collectibles or baubles.  These are the gifts that keep on giving.

You’ll even be on trend.  Recently, Modern Family star Sarah Hyland decorated her first tree with boyfriend Wells Adams.  And what made it onto her Christmas tree?  That’s right—food-themed ornaments.  Pizza, ketchup, martinis, beer, wine, you name it. 

All over the web, food-themed Christmas ornaments are part of a holiday decorating trend that’s sweeping the nation.  (You heard it here first!)

Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for the vegetable-minded gardener in your life, you’re hoping to make a memorable splash at your office gift exchange, or you’re just in need of new ideas that aren’t socks, chargers, or baskets, give Cornaments a try.  They’ll add the right amount of innovation and fun to your gift giving.  And who knows? You may even pick up a few for yourself.

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