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Minority-Owned Startup Knew Amsterdam Empowers Creators to Share Their Experiences

Minority-Owned Startup Knew Amsterdam Empowers Creators to Share Their Experiences

Knew Amsterdam Notebook One

In this age of rapid technological advancement, most of us take to our preferred social media platform to share various aspects of our lives.  But for creatives—be it journalists, students, comedians, or creative writers—nothing compares to holding something physical in your hands.  Knew Amsterdam understands this and wants to help creators from all walks of life share their experiences the old-school way.

“On one hand, everyone works on their craft in their own way. On the other hand, there is this aspect of shared experiences and comradery in terms of struggles and favored techniques,” says The Mayor, the elusive yet cultured figure who serves as the voice of the brand.

Knew Amsterdam’s flagship product, Notebook One, is a durable, thick-covered journal that’s easily secured by a reinforced elastic band.  It’s a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-effective alternative to similar products from Moleskine.  KA also offers The Writer’s Delight, a readymade kit that comes with 2 pens, a cellphone/notebook holder, and a logo bookmark, in addition to Notebook One.  It’s a writer’s starter kit for only $25 but packed with unquantifiable value.

Aside from giving creators new ways to capture their thoughts and ideas, KA hopes to create a sense of community and citizenship, as evidenced by the tagline, “Welcome Citizen”.

“At Knew Amsterdam, we support creative people. For those who really wish to create something beautiful with their minds, there’s a place for them, no special requirements needed,” The Mayor added. 

Knew Amsterdam logo

One such community that inspired the brand’s name is New York City, which was originally settled by the Dutch as New Amsterdam.  New York is known for is bustling boroughs, frenzied crowds, and nonstop noise.  But, like the early days of New Amsterdam, in which the city was covered in rolling hills and farms, KA acknowledges the intimate nature that remains and embraces those two dynamics.

“Superman, Mickey Mouse, Tesla, Purell, and Venmo are giant behemoth ideas that have changed the lives of many. However, they all got their start inside the mind of one or a few people.”

Indeed, KA is in great company but really sets itself apart as a minority-owned business.

The Mayor adds, “Growing up, you didn’t really see many companies owned by people of color and those that did own their companies often struggled. A generation ago, The American Dream was about owning the giant house with the white picket fence. That narrative has changed. Entrepreneurship is the new American Dream and it is a beautiful thing to see more people of color taking that leap.”

In the future, KA hopes to expand its product offering to include light travel luggage (i.e. satchels and totes), and break into the live event space with debates, talks, and comedy and art shows.

But regardless of KA’s ambitions, one sentiment lies at the heart of it all.

“There is something really fascinating about actually putting something down on the page. A fleeting thought becomes real, and that thought is on its way to being something great."

Head to knewamsterdam.com to learn more.

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