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Lucky Franc’s Looks to the Past for Modern Grooming (Sponsored Post)

Lucky Franc’s Looks to the Past for Modern Grooming (Sponsored Post)

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In my personal experience, a beard hasn’t always worked in my favor. Before the days of beard-themed Instagram accounts and Movember, a beard on this face was a signal that I didn’t have time to take care of myself or, better yet, that I was just waiting for my barber to shave it off so I didn’t have to.  It’s only now that I’m starting to let my facial hair grow with the purpose of keeping it. 

For so long, I thought growing a beard was simple.  I’d just let it grow and there was no other effort required.  But I was so wrong.  Any guy who’s ever experienced itchy beard, that uncomfortable phase when you’ve just surpassed stubble, knows that beards aren’t as carefree as they seem.  In fact, growing a beard is like having a second head of hair.  It requires its own set of grooming products to say shiny, soft, and healthy.

But before you and any other prospective beard growers roll your eyes about having to hit the grooming aisle at your nearest drugstore, know that brands like Lucky Franc’s are here to help you.  Lucky Franc’s is a brand created and designed to aid in all things hair and beard from pomade to wax to beard combs.  Though your new beard growth requires some adjustment, you don’t have to look far for grooming assistance.  You can order all of your beard essentials from the comfort of your home.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the Lucky Franc’s team to find out more about their brand mission and product line.  Now I’m convinced that I need all of these products in my life.

What is Lucky Franc’s?

Lucky Franc's is a Pittsburgh based company founded on hard work and commitment to our customers. Our mission is to bring you the best classic men's products. 

When and how did you start your company?

We were founded in 2016 in Pittsburgh, PA. We started our company by producing our top selling 1920’s Medium Hold Medium shine classic oil based pomade. We wanted a high quality product that wasn’t readily available through typical retail channels.

What’s different about 1920s-style pomade compared to modern styles?

Most mass produced pomade products are water based. We wanted a throwback style product that would give us the look and hold of the classic men’s pomades that were worn from the 20’s through the 60’s. In our opinion, an oil-based pomade is the best for styling classic pompadours, comb overs, quiffs, slick backs, and other traditional styles.

What about scent? A lot of guys are worried that grooming products have scents that are too feminine…

We also wanted a product with a killer scent. We came up with a scent that will remind you of your first trip to the barbershop – sort of a mix of bay rum, coconut, and with hints of warm vanilla. The scent is honestly addicting, yet not overpowering or heavy-handed.

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You started out with the oil-based pomade, but now you’ve diversified your offering. What else can customers find on your site?

We also sell handmade horn pocket sized beard combs, a top selling all natural mustache wax, gift sets, and U.S.-made all-cotton hand screened tees – plus we have some new products in the works.

Additionally, buying grooming products online vs. in-store can be challenging. How do you protect the customer experience?

While we are a newer company, we are committed to our vision of creating the best classic men’s products available and serving our customers with superior service. Attention to detail and great customer service are what we built our brand on. If you're not happy, we're committed to making it right. All products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked... Period. 

That’s fantastic! And what about sustainability? That’s a huge part of the conversation with all new businesses.

We’re fun-loving people who care about what we do and how we do it.  We’re committed to fair business practices and our employees.  We’re also mindful of our environmental impact and we’re working hard to minimize our impact.

Your products might be familiar to the guys reading this who frequent fashion and grooming blogs. Where have we seen you before?

We’ve had early support from some of the top men’s product bloggers out there who reviewed some of our products. Modern Man TV and The Western Gent were two that were particularly helpful with honest reviews. These guys are well respected for creating great pomade reviews and we are proud to have been able to work with these reviewers and others. 

For guys out there who are looking for a classic pomade or just starting on their beard journey, look no further than Lucky Franc’s.  Head to lucky-francs.myshopify.com to shop now!

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