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I Want To Sell As Many Books As Mindy Kaling

I Want To Sell As Many Books As Mindy Kaling

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How Much Are We Willing To Pay For The Things We Love?
(Hint: it depends on what you love)
Dearest Readers, 

How much are we willing to pay for the things we value? 
If the deep dark abyss of Amazon is any indication, not much.  If you’re in need of a skull mask with bandana headwear, you can score it for a cool 97 cents.  You can get a supposedly "stainless steel" pendant necklace for 64 cents.  You can even get one of those really cute vitamin pens for $1.40.  If you value useless crap, it doesn’t take much cash to transform yourself into a hoarder.
When it comes to the creative arts, there isn’t a definitive answer to how much we’re willing to spend.  Streaming is infinitely more popular than buying music.  In a sense, streaming is the tech industry’s answer to music piracy-a cost-effective way of giving fans access to music that makes more money for private companies than it does for the musicians.  Collectively, we’ve decided that the soundtrack to our lives (first dates, births, sports championships) isn’t worth more than $14.99 a month-if anything at all.
But the movie industry tells a different story.  Despite the rise in popularity of services like Netflix, those kids and comic book movies continue to rake in record amounts of dough. Like billions of dollars. Fans are willing to pay upwards of $30 for tickets to 3D and IMAX screenings.  People are totally okay with a movie night that costs as much as a gourmet dinner.
One thing is clear: the buying public wants to spend their big bucks on things they can experience but only share those things that are meant for solo consumption.
Where does that leave authors? To an extent, avid readers are still interested in buying books.  But the free and .99 e-books see a lot more action than full-price books.  Unless you’re Mindy Kaling or Aziz Ansari.  Those two could sell heaps of full price phonebooks in any format.  I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not a famous actor or comedian.  I plan to be famous enough someday to have a New York Times bestseller, but in the meantime, you have to settle for regular old Jefferey.  And regular old Jefferey is working hard to sell some books.
If you’ve already downloaded (PAID or FREE) my first book, It’s Okay If You Don’t Read Everything, the great news is you can now pick up the print version on Amazon for .99! Yes, that’s one less skull mask with bandana headwear.  But that’s okay. Because you’ll have another book to add to your growing collection.  And people will think you’re really smart because you’ll have this cool personal essay collection from an author they’ve never heard of.  At least, this is the scenario I imagine taking place at your next dinner party.
If you want to take advantage of the print book offer, or if you want to indulge in the e-book, head here.
Thanks again for your continued support.  I promise I’ll get back to creating newsletter content that’s not about my book.  But a brother’s gotta move some copies.  Help me out!
Your struggling author friend Jefferey

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