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Square Me Will Change Your View of Pocket Squares (Sponsored Content)

Square Me Will Change Your View of Pocket Squares (Sponsored Content)

When most guys think of pocket squares, fun might not be the first thing that comes to mind.  Sure, Mad Men and its titular character Don Draper motivated millions of sloppy millennials to suit up and start obsessing over squares.  However, the styles featured on the show were classic, solid and…boring.  But fear not because times are changing and pocket squares are getting just as experimental as the rest of men’s fashion.  Look no further than Square Me for the proof.

The Ontario-based pocket square brand features gorgeous, hand sewn pocket squares that feature designs like red spiders and Star Wars characters.  The choice of Yoda on these squares isn’t random.  Founder Anastasia started the brand after becoming an avid cosplayer.

“Designing a cosplay item allows for inspiration,” she said about the link between cosplay design and pocket square creation.  In fact, her cosplay design efforts directly impacted her pocket squares.

“When designing any cosplay item, there is always that specific pattern/material, that gem needed to complete that part of your costume.  After many costume designs, I’ve built quite the library of material. I don’t like to throw away fabric after completing a cosplay outfit.”

The idea to start her own brand took off after designing a pocket square for her brother.  Then, in October of last year, she decided to take the leap.

Upon viewing Square Me’s colorful and creative pocket square assortment, it’s clear this isn’t a traditional brand.

“I’m hoping that the pocket square becomes more than something that compliments the suit,” Anastasia said.  “I want it to compliment the person.  I want it to be the signature item that stands out when you see someone walking by, sitting across from you in a meeting or glancing across the bar.”

She hopes her brand can help change the public perception of the pocket square as a stuffy accessory reserved for formal occasions.  Square Me is the perfect brand for “any guy in a suit”.  Regardless of life stage, profession or personal taste, these pocket squares work for every guy…and girl.  She has plans for an upcoming photoshoot featuring women rocking her bold pocket squares.

Aside from Square Me’s approach to fun and personality in its squares, the brand is also eco-friendly, taking great care to protect the environment and reduce waste while creating product.

“I will be introducing a line of eco-friendly fabrics in the future,” Anastasia hinted.

Square Me is a brand that embraces diversity, encourages fun and protects the environment.  What’s not to love?

Up next for the company is a Facebook campaign with a focus on “geek style” for Valentine’s Day.  The launch will include new designs just in time for the romantic holiday.

To find out more about Square Me and shop the full collection, head to squareme.ca.

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