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Writers Work: A New Way to Launch Your Writing Career

Writers Work: A New Way to Launch Your Writing Career

The life of a freelance writer isn’t easy.  There’s a constant grind to book new clients and balance multiple jobs, often for measly pay.  You dream of success (i.e. getting published in the New Yorker or finding a book agent) but it eludes you.  Without a safety net or any measurable sign of success, how can you be, well, successful?  Writers Work has the answer.

What is Writers Work?

Writers Work is an all-in-one platform that includes a few key components:

  • Career Training: video modules answer all your freelancing questions in great detail.
  • Magical Job Finder: search through the web’s best writing jobs without visiting dozens of sites individually.
  • Instant Submission Finder: find places that will take your writing and pay you for it.
  • Deep-Focus Writing Tools: ditch MS Word for a processor that was made for you.
  • Grammar Help: the built-in grammar checker ensures your work is on point before every submission.
  • Project Management: organize all documents for your assignment in one place; you can even assign tasks and track your time.
  • Habit Building: set word count goals and track your progress.
  • Online Portfolio: display your best clips online in a professional photo that will impress your next client or editor.

If you’re thinking, “I don’t want to join another website,” I hear you.  But Writers Work isn’t just another platform to add to your long list of daily searches.  This is a site where you can establish and maintain your career in just one place.  Often, the most overwhelming aspect of your freelance writing career is managing all the moving parts—the correspondence with a potential client, the interview responses for your article, your search keywords and phrases.  Everything is spread out across the web and across your laptop.  Writers Work reduces the noise so you can do what you do best—create killer pieces.

What Happens When You Sign Up?

First, you get an incredible orientation.  An automated walkthrough takes you through the basics of your dashboard.  From here, you can access everything you need.  To the left, you have a detailed navigation bar that takes you to your projects, documents, tasks, job activity, goals, and stats, among other things.  In the center, you can see your writing stats.  As evidenced here, I’ve done very little.

Writers Work screenshot 1

What I really like about these stats is that they calculate your word count per minute.  This might seem like a dated metric to some, but as a freelancer, it’s important to understand how long it takes you to write a piece.  You live and die by word counts.  Let’s say you want to finish a 500-word article in 30 minutes, because it helps you maintain your hourly rate.  These writing stats can let you know if you’re on track or not.

Also, in the bottom corner, you can get an understanding of your daily output as it relates to your goal.  I’ve set a goal of 750 words but I’ve only written 1.  So, I’ve got some work to do.

Once you’re familiar with the dashboard, it’s time to start working on your first document.  As you write, the word processor will automatically highlight areas of improvement, either in use, grammar, or other common fixes.  What I love about this is that your readability score is readily available with all the suggestions for improvement.  Simply click the graph icon in the top right corner, and you’ve got access to a ton of information.

Writers Work screenshot 2

You can see the reading level of your writing, your readability score, the reading time, the speaking time, the sentiment, and very specific advice about making revisions.  One of my biggest gripes about MS Word is that this function is buried.  If you want to enable it, you have to bend over backwards.  And, the spelling and grammar check rarely takes context into consideration when suggesting fixes.  The Writers Work word processor gets an A+ from me.

Other Features

The University feature functions like Udemy or Lynda but within the website.  Simply choose the video you’d like to watch and start learning.  There are three modules, each of which focuses on a different area of your career.  For example, Module 3 is the most advanced and focuses on getting published.  Sample lessons include “Crafting the Perfect Pitch” and “Finding the Right Publication”.  This is extremely valuable and useful information right at your fingertips, without navigating to another site or Googling.

The Tasks tab is also great.  Personally, I’m a list maker.  I book every available slot on my calendar, I schedule reminders, I write post-it notes, and if my Notes folder was a real notebook, it’d be bursting at the seams.  I have all this stimuli flying at me from several directions, and it makes remembering things very stressful. 

In this tab, you can create a task for an article.  For me, I’m working on a long-form article about retail workers, so I titled this Retail Investigation.  I can add documents related to the assignment, track the amount of time I’ve spent on it, and assign a due date.  I can manage my project in one place instead of being scattered across various apps and sites. 

Writers Work screenshot 3

But perhaps the most important feature involves Jobs.  After all, writers want to get paid for their talent and hard work.  The Jobs tab allows you to filter jobs based on keywords, location, salary, and work type (i.e. full time, remote, internship, etc.).  These jobs are sourced from popular job sites like Freelancewritinggigs, Indeed, Mediabistro, and Journalismjobs.  You can scroll through them all or whittle them down to the sites that you like best.  The beauty of this search function is that you can do it all in one place.  Often, looking for a new job is a job in and of itself.  Writers Work saves you a ton of time. 

Final Thoughts

When I started freelancing 2 years ago, I had to figure out a lot of these things on my own.  I can only imagine how my career would have progressed if I had a comprehensive and intuitive tool like Writers Work in my arsenal.  If you’re serious about writing, get signed up.  It’ll change your prospects and your process.

To find out more, visit writers.work.

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